T & Bonnie, together, have 50 years of combined service and experience in grooming pets.

Bonnie has been grooming for 30 years. T has been grooming for 20 years. 


  • We groom all breeds of dogs and cats.
  • We have experience grooming pets with aggression or other behavior issues. We can also accommodate pets with health issues. 
  • We will do what the pet and hair allows us to do, what the customer would like us to do, and what our abilities allow.
  • The goal is to groom the pet with the least amount of stress and pain possible.
  • We will not do a customer's request if we thinking it will stress or hurt their pet. Just because we can do it doesn't me we will or should.
  • We offer quick and efficient service.
  • A customer can sit in while their pets are groomed if they wish.





T and Bonnie's canine and feline grooming service has been locally owned and operated since 1995. We have had a few locations since the first opening. Our address and Google Maps is under our contact us page for reference.


Business Hours:

Monday - Open at 9:00 AM. Close when the last pet leaves.

Tuesday-Saturday - Open at 8:00 AM. Close when the last pet leaves.

Sunday - Closed.